Friday, 20 July 2012


Johnny’s name was William John…I’m pretty sure that he was one
Of those Richmael Compton modelled her boy hero on!
Once, when he was still quite small: best clothes on, standing tall
Mother took him down the road, to a party in a Hall.
With exhortations on the way…he must behave himself…
Stay clean and neat, with ‘Please’ and ‘Thanks, I have enjoyed myself’

When she came back, him to collect (none too sure what to expect)
His hostess told him, from this bowl, some sweeties to select.
“Thankyou for inviting me, I HAVE enjoyed myself…
I couldn’t take your sweets, though” said our smiling little elf…
His Mother’s face was flushed with pride to hear her well-trained boy…
The lady Hostess was impressed, increasing Mother’s joy…
“Come, Johnny, take some sweeties now” the lady said with smile…
“No, thank you very much indeed…” said charming little child.
The lady then put her own hands inside this bowl so full
And filled the jacket pockets of this child, so wonderful.

While walking down the road with Mum, a-holding of her hand
She asked him why he had refused those sweeties, oh-so-grand…
Our hero, always honest, looked up at Mum and smiled:
“Her hands are bigger than mine, Mum” said this very ‘clever’ child!
Need I tell what happened next? Or should I simply say
He mourns the loss of all those sweets until this very day!


p.s…as I typed this last bit onto my lap-top, in 2004,
Jim’s voice said into my right ear 
“I still do!”
and my mouth started watering!      

This is a tale about Jim ... my twin-flame, who was born in 1931 and went 'Home' in July, '94.
I wrote it in the 80's, but had become a medium by the time I owned a laptop, hence the reference in the post-script.                                                                                           

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