Friday, 20 July 2012

Be sure your sins will catch you out!

Crime scene

I hastily moved away from the scene of my crime, pretending an interest in the Science Fiction section housed about ten feet further along the aisle. Casting sideways glances, I checked out the area around me to see whether I had been observed.

An elderly lady stood near me, at the Large Print shelves, while an equally elderly man was walking along the aisle on his way to another part of the library.

As he turned a corner, disappearing in the direction of the Historical section, the lady turned to me with wrinkled nose and exclaimed quietly "Really, some people have no manners!" Before I could do more than nod in agreement, three-year-old Angharad Laura appeared, clutching her selection from the children's section.

With a quick sniff of the noxious gasses, she shouted
"Oh, no, Daddy... not again! Have you said pardon?"

(Another true story about Jim, LOL)

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