Friday, 12 October 2012

Sometimes I Wish .... .... ....

Nikky told me that she'd to write ... a blog to join a blog-chain ("Right")
I asked her "What's it all about?" and when she told, I had no doubt
That I would like to join in, too ... near broke my neck (well, wouldn't you?)
to write off for to ask to join ... with story from my life, purloined.
This is the last post in the chain ... one person tagged ... who tags again ...
the links have stretched to thirty one ... now I'm the last, the chain is done ...
Around the globe our tag-chain's stretched ... so many pictures have been etched
with words and feelings quite profound ... I've read them all, sometimes spellbound.
Kimly B, with gentle kindness ... leads you onwards; smiling, painless ...
As she hands you into my care ... should I give a Halloween scare?
No ... here's my own brief offering ... I hope, to you, some smiles 'twill bring:
I often think of my lost son ... does he forgive his unknown mum?

Sometimes I wish, alas, alack -
that, to my youth I could go back
(Sweet days when sunshine and brief showers did abound)
When miniskirts were all the rage -
while the Beatles sang on stage ...
And my hair, lacquered in 'beehive', should astound.

I could return to Liverpool -
catch that young, deluded fool ...
Say "The time has come to mind your p's and q's
Do NOT walk along that lane -
nor take shelter from the rain
For you'll end up raped and pregnant ... your youth, you'll lose".

"THEN, don't run away from home -
to that sad and friendless zone
Where you'll be beaten and maltreated all the time
You'll be kicked and hit and hurt -
have your face ground in the dirt
And your earnings will be used to buy his wine.

When you do escape at last -
all your troubles won't have passed,
That pregnancy's put sev'n months' growth upon your girth
So you'll end up in a 'home' -
an 'unmarried mother' zone
Where they'll take your baby from you at his birth".

But then common-sense sets in -
as I realise, with a grin,
I wouldn't want to change my life and all its tears ...
You see, because of those 'mistakes' -
I've stayed upon this path I take
And I've had much fun and pleasure down the years !

I've had other children to -
give me kisses, cuddles too ...
Married, divorced, remarried and then widowed, twice;
Mine was not a lonely path,
AND it was paved with love and laugh ...
Now I'm so glad I could not take my own advice !!!!!!


So here we've come full circle round and your reading job's complete ...
Link back to Dangerous Linda, and her temper tantrum, so sweet :D

Friday, 20 July 2012

Be sure your sins will catch you out!

Crime scene

I hastily moved away from the scene of my crime, pretending an interest in the Science Fiction section housed about ten feet further along the aisle. Casting sideways glances, I checked out the area around me to see whether I had been observed.

An elderly lady stood near me, at the Large Print shelves, while an equally elderly man was walking along the aisle on his way to another part of the library.

As he turned a corner, disappearing in the direction of the Historical section, the lady turned to me with wrinkled nose and exclaimed quietly "Really, some people have no manners!" Before I could do more than nod in agreement, three-year-old Angharad Laura appeared, clutching her selection from the children's section.

With a quick sniff of the noxious gasses, she shouted
"Oh, no, Daddy... not again! Have you said pardon?"

(Another true story about Jim, LOL)

Creative Commons License


Johnny’s name was William John…I’m pretty sure that he was one
Of those Richmael Compton modelled her boy hero on!
Once, when he was still quite small: best clothes on, standing tall
Mother took him down the road, to a party in a Hall.
With exhortations on the way…he must behave himself…
Stay clean and neat, with ‘Please’ and ‘Thanks, I have enjoyed myself’

When she came back, him to collect (none too sure what to expect)
His hostess told him, from this bowl, some sweeties to select.
“Thankyou for inviting me, I HAVE enjoyed myself…
I couldn’t take your sweets, though” said our smiling little elf…
His Mother’s face was flushed with pride to hear her well-trained boy…
The lady Hostess was impressed, increasing Mother’s joy…
“Come, Johnny, take some sweeties now” the lady said with smile…
“No, thank you very much indeed…” said charming little child.
The lady then put her own hands inside this bowl so full
And filled the jacket pockets of this child, so wonderful.

While walking down the road with Mum, a-holding of her hand
She asked him why he had refused those sweeties, oh-so-grand…
Our hero, always honest, looked up at Mum and smiled:
“Her hands are bigger than mine, Mum” said this very ‘clever’ child!
Need I tell what happened next? Or should I simply say
He mourns the loss of all those sweets until this very day!


p.s…as I typed this last bit onto my lap-top, in 2004,
Jim’s voice said into my right ear 
“I still do!”
and my mouth started watering!      

This is a tale about Jim ... my twin-flame, who was born in 1931 and went 'Home' in July, '94.
I wrote it in the 80's, but had become a medium by the time I owned a laptop, hence the reference in the post-script.                                                                                           

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